Pancake Fraction Activity

 If our shapes could talk... what would they tell us?
 Quadrilaterals are shapes with four sides. This is how we can identify our regular quadrilaterals:
How many names can you think of for a square?
How many quadrilaterals have 2 pairs of parallel lines?
How many quadrilaterals have only right angles?

Playing Geometry "Guess Who?"

 Using pattern blocks to make Robots made out of quadrilaterals!

We looked at the picture of the house to "See, Think, and Wonder" about the math that we could find (especially Geometry!) We found many parallel and perpendicular lines, and many different shapes. They wondered what the area of the inside of the house was, the perimeter of the fence, and how many rooms were inside the house. 

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Area and Perimeter Cookie Cutter Challenge
We designed cookie cutters and found the area and perimeter. After that, we voted for our favorite cookie cutter to print using a special 3-D printer. 

Mrs. Putman's class 

Mrs. Whitty's Class- the winner was...

The helicopter design won for Mrs. Putman's Class

Division Strategies:

Multiplication Strategies:

Place Value and different ways to write a number:

We have started out the year talking about the components and the expectations of our Math Workshop. We will usually follow this routine during our math workshop time:
1. Opening Activity- (5-10 min) this gets our brains thinking about math
2. Mini- Lesson- (15-20 min) math instruction time
3. Work Time/ Center Rotation- (40-50 min) Students will problem solve, practice math work, meet with the teacher, use technology, and play math games.
4. Reflection/Sharing- (10 min) Students share work and discuss strategies or review what we learned

We had our first number talk and I was very impressed with the strategies that students remembered from 2nd grade!

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